OK Jaanu‘s Humma Humma released last week and the song has received mixed reviews. Some have LOVED it and some absolutely detested it! Starring Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur (who might I add, looks delicious), it has been recreated by Badshah and Tanishk Bagchi.

It’s always interesting to know what the original makers of a song think of its recreation. Remo Fernandez, who had collaborated with A.R. Rahman in the original, slammed the remake. In a recent interview with Midday, he was quoted saying:

There is nothing wrong in doing new versions of existing songs, as long as one brings something new to the table. It can be something plus, or at least something different. This version of Humma Humma, I am afraid, brings neither. It is but a pale, insipid version of the original. Vocally, instrumentally and arrangements-wise, it seems to be a hurried, uninspired job

This is how Twitter reacted to the song. What do you feel? Let us know in the comments below.