1. I don’t know why I waited this long to shave

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At a certain point, the excess hair becomes a part of you. And in the winter it’s always easier to layer on. But when it’s time to go hairless, it’s always better to shave!

2. This is mah jaaaymmm *Starboy by The Weekend plays*

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Listening to your favourite song 19 times over and over again only makes your shower better and more fun. Amirite? After all, you’re really only over the song when you know the lyrics in your sleep!

3. Okay, here goes…

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Step one: foam yourself up. Step 2: take a razor. Step 3: just glide it on smoothly. Start shaving in an upward motion so your legs glisten like those Victoria’s Secret models!

4. Oh wow, this is going surprisingly well

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No messiness. No bumpy skin. No burning sensations. And no hair-tugging pain. Can anyone say #winning?

5. Should I go to Zara and buy that dress now?

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That dress you were contemplating buying last week at Zara probably didn’t look and feel as good because well, you felt like a hairy gorilla. But now, helloooo smooth legs!

6. Ooo, and those strappy heels

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Because every sexy dress deserves a pair of shoes that have people do a double take.

7. But really, how can Jane & Becky cancel on a GNO?

I see dead people
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The girls canned. But you always have your sisters.

8. Whatever, my sisters better appreciate this now


I mean, of course we all shave for those fun, tequila-filled nights. But dinner with your sisters also deserve a hella good too.

9. Oh yeah, this feels good

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Have you ever felt a baby’s butt? Well, after using a shaving foam and the Gillette Venus razor, I can proudly say I might have softer skin than my 3-year-old nephew!

10. With God as my witness I won’t ever feel like a hairy gorilla again!

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Who’s that beast in the mirror? You are, honey! And once you go smooth and sexy, you ain’t going back!

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