Bigg Boss 10: All The Housemates Have Turned Against Gaurav & Bani

Bigg Boss 10: All The Housemates Have Turned Against Gaurav & Bani

Sukriti Gumber

The episode starts with Gaurav defending himself in front of Lopa and Mona for not taking a stand during the entire fiasco involving Priyanka Jagga. Gaurav clarifies that he chooses not to speak in matters unrelated to him. We will see him doing that a lot in the remaining episode.

Later, Mona was quietly weeping to herself and Swami ji sat near her and ruffled her hair and started crying. He said, *hold your breath*, that only Mona can fulfil his thirst for love. Further, he said that he earned immense respect and money, but not love throughout his childhood.




Mona was upset with Manu for saying that he is troubled by her. Manu puts forth his side of the story and said that he only said so because he wanted her to leave the house, keeping in mind the entire argument that happened with her boyfriend Vikrant. Mona is not convinced with his answer and continued to be firm about Manu not being right.


Housemates were given a chance to earn extra points through a luxury budget task – Gaurav and Bani show.

Bani J, Gaurav Chopra

Gaurav and Bani were made to believe that they will answer the questions to a live audience. However, in reality, they were answering the housemates’ questions only, who were watching them  on the plasma screen. Manveer, on behalf of the housemates, asked the both of them why they did not take a stand for Lopa when Priyanka abused her. He also asked them why they acted indifferently to the entire situation, when there was such a tense atmosphere in the house. Bani was also asked why she thinks she has no competition; and another question asked to the two of them was who they will nominate instead of the current nominees.

While they stood firm to their point of not interfering in others’ matters unless they are directly involved, the housemates were not convinced. Everybody except Rohan mutually felt their answers were below satisfaction level, thus losing the luxury budget task. Bani is unaffected by the happenings as she felt the housemates expect a lot from her but don’t talk to her. She does not see any change in her behaviour after her answers as they anyway don’t like her.

Towards the end, Manu subtly tried to bring Manveer’s attention towards Nitibha’s behaviour, warning him about her selfish nature. He told him that she has now started playing the game and is aware of how far she has come, and he must not let her become an obstacle.

Oh well! With a majority of housemates against Gaurav- Bani, cracks developing between Manveer- Nitibha, and Manu- Mona also treading carefully, the atmosphere of the house has swiftly switched track.

It’s getting slightly impossible to predict what lis ahead in the future.

P.S- It’s Swami ji’s birthday today!