Bigg Boss 10: Does Manu Punjabi Want Monalisa To Leave The Show?

Sukriti Gumber , 26 Dec 2016
Manu Punjabi, Monalisa

All is not well between good friends Manu Punjabi and Monalisa, especially after the latter’s boyfriend, Vikrant Singh Rajput entered the house and created a ruckus between the M3 gang. Vikrant was quite irked with the intimate bond she shared with Manu and made his displeasure known.

As a repercussion, perhaps, Manu said that it is better that Mona leaves the show as her personal life is getting affected. Mona confronts him about publicly saying that he wants her to leave the show, considering they have been friends for such a long time.

Watch it here!

Let’s hope they bury the hatchet soon enough and get back to being good friends!

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