Bigg Boss 10: Did Priyanka Jagga Suffer A Miscarriage In The House?

Sukriti Gumber , 26 Dec 2016
Priyanka Jagga

After reports of Priyanka Jagga‘s pregnancy circulated yesterday, it was touted to be one of the reasons for her sudden exit from the show. Priyanka’s brother Sameer Jagga has been quite vocal on social media about health being one of the main causes for his sister’s eviction from the Bigg Boss house.

Priyanka’s brother told BL that she suffered a miscarriage on the show. He said:

Unko miscarriage ho gaya tha. Wo beemar the islie wo aye hain.

He also added that this was the reason a gynaecologist was called inside the house. During the last week, Priyanka had ugly arguments with other contestants and when they asked what was wrong with her health, she reportedly screamed that she was “bleeding”.

Sameer also said that despite Priyanka’s complains about feeling unwell, the makers wanted her to dance for Salman Khan‘s birthday along with other contestants. He reportedly said that Priyanka refused to dance because of her “bleeding”. Moreover, according to him, she was asked to do tasks when she was not in the condition to do them. He also told BL that Priyanka protested against the house being situated in very unhygienic surroundings, and that there were rats all over in the house.

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