"I Didn't Want To Die In The Bigg Boss House," Says Priyanka Jagga Post Her Eviction

Divya Rao , 26 Dec 2016
Priyanka Jagga

In a shocking turn of events, Priyanka Jagga was evicted from the Bigg Boss house this season, and for the first time, by the host himself aka Salman Khan. The reason for this was cited to be absolute crass and ridiculous behaviour on Priyanka’s end. She abused Lopa – called her all sorts of derogatory names, ill mouthed Manu‘s dead mother and took a dig at him, fought with all the housemates and ruined the weekly task etc.

But Priyanka has come out and spoken about what happened and why it all happened the way it did. She decided to have a live chat through Facebook with her fans (Can I be mean and wonder how she has fans?). Anyway, she spoke about how it was her ill health that took over and forced her to behave the way that she did with the housemates because she wanted to get out. Apparently, she wasn’t given the medical attention she needed. The doctors brought to the Bigg Boss house weren’t good enough and they couldn’t bring anyone better given the house was in Lonavala. This irked Jagga, and she decided to go to any extent to get out of the house – even if it meant breaking things in the house.

She also admitted that her biggest mistake was going back into the house from the secret room, and even said “I just wanted to get out by anyway, mujhe marna nahi tha waha pe”.

Here’s the video she shared.

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