A Contemporary Visual Artist Is Bringing A Car To Life And It's Magical!

Shreemi Verma , 27 Dec 2016
Skoda Rapid

Paintings and cars are not usually the words that pop into your head simultaneously. But the cool people at Skoda are all set to change the way we see cars. It’s not just technology, tools, machines and all things ‘dry’, making this car is like creating a painting and if you don’t believe me, you have to watch this video!

The brand new Skoda Rapid has been brought to life by the revolutionary Tilt Brush technology. In this campaign they want to showcase the design credentials of the technology which the new Skoda Rapid boasts of. They have chosen Tilt Brush as a medium to display their latest creation. Not only is Tilt brush an immersive and revolutionary platform, it has also never been used to introduce a car. The New Skoda Rapid is the first ever car to be brought to life using Tilt Brush. As you saw above, the fluidity and the beauty of Skoda Rapid was shown perfectly by Contemporary Visual Artist Eric D’Souza, who painted the machine in 3D.

The amalgamation of art and technology has never looked so breathtaking before, has it?

Maybe Muggles can create magic in our own way.

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