Bigg Boss 10: Manveer's Special Gesture For Manu Punjabi On His Birthday

Sukriti Gumber , 28 Dec 2016

Manu Punjabi who shares his birthday with Salman Khan turned 35 yesterday. His fiancèe, Priya Saini has planned to send in a cake to surprise Manu on his special day, but his friends inside the Bigg Boss house are also not far behind in making him feel special.

Manveer Gujjar and Manu Punjabi

Manu and Manveer, who bonded well since the first day inside the Bigg Boss house, have managed to sustain their friendship all this while. During the ongoing captaincy task, Manu, Manveer and Rohan are competing in the final stage to win the post of captain. Manveer decided to sacrifice his spot for captaincy, so that Manu can win. During the task, he takes Manu aside and tells him that he is going to step back and give him a chance to win. He wanted him to consider that as his birthday gift. Manu tells Manveer not to do that as he is okay with not being a captain.

However, even before Manveer could do anything, the villain of the house, Swami ji sabotages the task and Manu loses his chance to become the captain. Manveer is left feeling extremely disappointed as he could not do enough for his friend.

So sweet! It’s the thought that counts, Manveer!

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