Bigg Boss 10: Yet Another Disgusting Act By Om Swami

Sukriti Gumber , 28 Dec 2016
Swami ji

Openly peeing in a jug in the living room, passing misogynistic remarks and pulling Lopa‘s dress – are just a few disgusting acts done by Om Swami in the Bigg Boss house. And of course, he follows it up with a ‘maafi’. 

During the captaincy task, Swami ji constantly created trouble by sitting at the entrance of the igloo, temporarily created for the task. After getting into heated arguments with Rohan, Manveer and other housemates, Swami ji threatened to stop eating and going to the washroom for the next 7 days. Not only that, he went on to remove his pants in the yard, in front of everybody.

Goes without saying, all the housemates were disgusted by his shameless act.

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