Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra Slapped This Contestant Real Hard

Shreemi Verma , 29 Dec 2016
Rohan Mehra (Source: Twitter)

Bigg Boss 10 is getting increasingly and ugly and violent, and so is the real world out there, which makes me pretty sad. But this time, a violent act made most people rather happy as the person who was slapped was definitely one of the most despised contestants of the house, Om Swami. TV actor Rohan Mehra completely lost his cool with Swami and slapped him so hard, the latter had to leave the house.

During the captaincy task, Om Swami strangled Rohan so that he loses and Manu and Manveer become the finalists. He wasn’t successful in his attack because in the middle of all this drama, Manu lost the round and not Rohan. Om Swami still decided to interfere in the final round, despite being warned by other housemates to shut it. Gaurav Chopra gave him a peace of his mind, but it was Rohan who got real mad and bitch-slapped Swami.

The slap was so hard that Swami lost his hearing ability from a ear and had to go to a nearby hospital to fix it.


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