Real Life Coach Of Geeta & Babita Phogat Lashes Out At Aamir Khan

Divya Rao , 29 Dec 2016

Dangal has been winning hearts world over for the brilliant portrayal of the Phogat family and for showing women in great light. But there’s one person who isn’t very happy with film and that’s Geeta and Babita Phogat‘s real life coach PR Sondhi, who was portrayed as the film’s villainous coach PR Kadam, who locked Mohair Phogat in the janitor’s room during the Commonwealth’s final game.

In a recent conversation with India Today, Sondhi was asked what he thought about the film, and the man wasn’t too pleased.

They have changed the name to PR Kadam in the film, but somewhere the character is loosely based on my life. I have known Mahavirji (Phogat, wrestling coach and father of Geeta and Babita Phogat) for many years and he is a thorough gentleman. His two daughters have trained under me for more than three years and not once did he interfere. I don’t understand the need to show the character as such a taskmaster. There were four other coaches, who were also involved [in the training], but they haven’t been shown in the film at all.

He even said he wants to take further action on the same.

When we all met, Aamir asked me general questions about wrestling, but not once did he discuss anything about the film. He should have told me how they were planning to portray the coach’s character. Distortion of facts has hurt my reputation. Once I watch the film, I will speak to the wrestling federation. I also plan to meet Aamir and seek an explanation.

Ouch! We wonder what Aamir and the makers of the film have to say.

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