Bigg Boss 10: Bani Loses Her Temper After Manu's Taunting Remarks

Sukriti Gumber , 30 Dec 2016

After Manveer is declared this week’s captain, Bigg Boss introduces a new task- Manveer Ki AdaalatGaurav and Om Swami get a chance to come out of the jail and present their case in the court in front of the judge, i.e Manveer.

Bigg Boss 10

Rohan is Gaurav’s advocate, whereas Manu defends Om Swami. As per the task, the advocates have to justify their client and convince Manveer to release them from the jail. While discussing Om Swami and Rohan’s fight during the captaincy, Manu calls Bani in the kathghara as she was the sanchalak of that task.

Bani J

Bani says that since she was the sanchalak, she was completely aware of the rules and it was wrong on Om Swami’s part to interfere with the task. Further, Manu asks her if has ever pushed anyone during a task and Bani replies saying yes.

Right before she is about to step down from the kathghara, Manu taunts her by saying that she was fast asleep when when Priyanka made insensitive remarks about his mother. He added that she was probably doing all the drama for footage.

Bigg Boss 10

Bani is offended with the statement and lashes out at him for making such shallow comments. It develops into an argument with both the parties screaming at each other.

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