Bigg Boss 10: Is Rohan Mehra Willing To Pay A Huge Amount To Exit The House?

Sukriti Gumber , 30 Dec 2016
Rohan Mehra (Source: Twitter)

Rohan Mehra has been nominated for the rest of the season as a punishment for slapping Om Swami during the captaincy task. While many housemates felt Bigg Boss’ decision in unfair, their is little one can do about it. As a result, Rohan locked himself in the loo and refused to come out till either he is sent out of the house or Bigg Boss changes his decision.

Despite Lopa‘s consistent efforts to convince him to come out, Rohan did not budge from. Soon after, Bigg Boss warned Rohan about paying a heavy penalty for breaching the contract and asked him to rethink his decision. Reportedly, the fine for leaving the show midway is Rs 2 Crores. Rohan repeatedly said he did not mind paying the amount and just wanted to leave the house if Bigg Boss does not change his decision.

Do you think Bigg Boss was unfair this time and Swami was the one who actually deserved a punishment? Comment below!

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