Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra's Father Reacts To Him Slapping Om Swami

Shreemi Verma , 30 Dec 2016
Rohan Mehra

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Rohan Mehra came in the news for slapping Om Swami real hard. Though Bigg Boss has punished Rohan for getting violent on the show, the public response to this act is overwhelmingly positive as people are sick of Om Swami’s antics. Mumbai Mirror got in touch with Rohan’s father Ravinder Mehra, who defended his son’s actions. Here’s what he has to say –

Being a sportsperson, Rohan’s very focussed on the tasks and was irritated with Swami Om for his unwanted interference which was against the rules. Besides, it was Swami Om who got violent first, injuring Rohan and Manveer. He even started stripping in front of female contestants and urinated in the kitchen. Rohan is only doing this show because Salman Khan is hosting it, otherwise there is no reason to tolerate such contestants. He respects his elders and addresses them as ‘aap’. It must have taken a lot of provocation for him to forget his maryada.

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