Bigg Boss 10 Recap: Om Swami Has Temporarily Left The House

Bigg Boss 10 Recap: Om Swami Has Temporarily Left The House

Sukriti Gumber

I had too much fun watching tonight’s episode, mainly because of (and I never thought I will say this) Om Swami.

Lopa & Rohan have a major fight

Bigg Boss 10

Lopa screamed at Rohan and threw his stuff around because he said that Lopa “aag mein ghee daalti hai.” He also said she did not deserve any sort of friendship, which further infuriated her. Her shouting sounded pretty vague and useless because Rohan stood absolutely calm and did not react. Lopa later went to him and they both patched up. She also coaxed Rohan to apologise to her and he told her he will say sorry when he really feels it.


We told you that nominations this week have an interesting twist. Before I proceed, read all about it here. Lopa and Nitibha were unable to reach a conclusion even though the former put forth a very valid argument. But Nitibha was obviously unwilling to bow down.

Manu and Mona were ready to sacrifice their place in the house for each other and after a tussle of “Main nominate ho jaunga/jaungi”, they finally decided to nominate Mona because she felt he anyways does a lot for her. Aww! Such dosti, much wow!

Bani J, Om Swami

Coming to Bani J and Om Swami, right from the beginning, the former bullied the latter into succumbing to nomination. And oh, what fun! Bani’s approach may be wrong in an ideal world, but this was the Bigg Boss house and she was dealing with the maniac, that is Om Swami.

Om Swami

During the fun ride, Swami ji’s emotions rapidly changed- one moment he was begging, the other he was crying, in between he stood up for himself, and other times he gave bizarre logic as per usj. During the entire sequence, Bani touched his feet several times as they circled the confession room.

Too much fun!

Manveer and Nitibha

Manveer suddenly ditched Nitibha and I won’t say I did not see that coming. He sat in the corner with his M3 pals, and made fun of her; even as I felt really sorry for Nitibha, who said into her mic that Manveer used her only for convenience, when Manu was not in the house.

One cannot help but feel sorry for her.

That’s all for tonight, folks!

The episode ended with Bigg Boss calling Manveer in the confession room to inform him about Om Swami’s temporary exit from the house to attend some personal affairs. (Err, we wonder if this is about the various legal cases pending against him.)

Good riddance, even if it’s short-lived!

P.S- He is back tomorrow, we hear!