Shraddha Kapoor Opens Up About Her Alleged Live-In Relationship With Farhan Akhtar

Sukriti Gumber , 02 Jan 2017
Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor was recently in the news for rumours of her live-in relationship with alleged beau, Farhan Akhtar. Reports were doing the rounds that her father, Shakti Kapoor dragged her out of Farhan’s house, but the former rubbished those rumours.

Now Shraddha has come out to address the rumours of her live-in relationship with Farhan and told BT:

I got a message from someone telling me about this article, and initially, I was amused. While it doesn’t make a difference to me because I know it’s not true, it’s sad that these false stories go so far that people forget we are human, too. Of course, we are actors and there will be people who would probably want to read something gossipy about us, but when it involves my father, my aunt and my co-star, it’s taking it too far.

She further said:

Yes, I am living in… with my parents! I was born and brought up in this house. It’s a joke within the family that I will bring my husband home (laughs). It’s because I’m so happy living with my family . I have a house of my own where I have my meetings and keep my extra stuff. I have no intention of moving out of my parents’ home and moving into my own apartment, let alone someone else’s! About live-in relationships in general, I believe in live and let live. If it suits somebody and someone is happy , then it’s totally fine -to each his own.

There you heard it!

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