Bigg Boss 10: And The Final Prize Money Is...

Sukriti Gumber , 04 Jan 2017
Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)

The Maalgadi task currently going on in the Bigg Boss house has been introduced to give the housemates a fair chance of increasing their final cash prize. Over the weeks, the prize money got deducted due to a couple of immunity medallions, a huge chunk of which- 25 Lakhs to be precise- rests with Nitibha.

As per the rules of the task, the highest amount has been bidden on Lopa, followed by Manveer, Manu and Bani. The second lowest amount is bidden on Nitibha, and Om Swami had merely Rs. 444 to his credit. Bani decided to leave the maalgaadi quite early in the task, thereby costing a loss of almost 6 Lakhs.

The other contestants, however, managed to stay for longer and successfully raked in the moolah, taking the cash prize to a whopping Rs. 43,99, 206, which was earlier only Rs. 15,00,006. If Bani would have stayed in longer, the cash prize could have reached 50 Lakhs, which is the original reward money for the winner.

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