Bigg Boss 10 Recap: Manu Punjabi Questions Manveer Gujjar's Friendship For Him

Sukriti Gumber , 04 Jan 2017

Relationships in the Bigg Boss house are changing at lightning speed and it was quite evident in tonight’s episode. Manveer and Nitibha‘s friendship was already on the verge of coming to an end. Nitibha was even seen complaining to Bani that Manveer is acting selfish and used her only when Manu was not in the house. Lopa and Rohan also had a major showdown yesterday, with the former throwing around his stuff in a fit of rage.

Manu, Manveer

However, the most surprising case of friendship gone sour was Manveer and Manu.

Let’s rewind a bit!

Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)

According to the Maalgadi task, the housemates, who are qaidis, will be chained by fetters in the train operated by the jailers- Mona and Rohan. Earlier, the jailers bade a certain amount of money against each housemate, depending on their judgement of the housemates’ performance in the tasks.

Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)

Whenever a whistle will be blown, the jailers will ask a contestant to step out of the maalgadi and the amount bidden on that particular contestant will be added to the final prize money. The qaidis can voluntarily step out of the maalgadi, but the amount bidden on them won’t be added to the prize money. However, they will directly be able to compete for captaincy.

Hmm! Sounds like a fun task.

The housemates are ignorant about the sum bidden on them and discuss whether the amount is worth being locked up for a long time. Eventually, the decide to do it selflessly and add whatever they can to the prize money.

Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)

However, Bani soon announces that her gut feeling suggests she should get out. Others try and convince Bani to stay back and somehow add to the final cash prize, but Bani is unfazed and opts for captaincy.

Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)

Om Swami then re-entered the house, with multiple garlands around his neck and started sharing the amazing experience he had outside. He had several stories to narrate about his fame and popularity, if only a pair of ears was willing to listen. He blabbered anyway. Later, when Mona explained the rules of the game to him, he tried to get down as soon as he was told that he could be a contender for captaincy by doing so.

Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)

Manu and Manveer tried to hold him back as the whistle blew at that moment, but when has Om Swami ever listened?! He finally re-entered the maalgadi upon Bigg Boss’ orders and Mona’s convincing.

Lopa was the first contestant to be taken out of the maalgadi as the amount bidden on her was the highest, although she is still unaware of it. The amount corresponding to her will now be added to the final prize money. Soon after, the task came to an end for the day.


Post the task, the housemates gang up against Bani for giving up and not showing any team spirit during the task. Rohan even says she is no different from Om Swami as he showed similar traits.

Ouch! Rohan was the only person Bani was banking on, after Gaurav‘s exit. That’s yet another bond which went for a toss.

Coming to Manveer and Manu, the former bad mouthed his BFF quite a lot during the episode. And to whom? Nitibha! Manu questioned Manveer’s friendship towards him and also raised an objection towards his ability as a captain. He further said Manveer did nothing for him as a friend, let alone reciprocate the support he gave him during captaincy. Manu strongly felt Manveer should have cleared the way for him becoming a captain, which he did not even when he had the chance. Nitibha, quite obviously, agreed to everything Manu said considering she already has a lot against Manveer.

What is this house even? I never expected Manu to turn against Manveer. Or maybe I did? What are your thoughts about the sudden changing colours in the house? Did you predict the Manu-Manveer clash will happen sooner or later? Let me know in the comments below.

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