Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami Has Reportedly Been Kicked Out After He Threw His Pee On Bani

Sukriti Gumber , 05 Jan 2017
Om Swami

This week’s captaincy task was between Om Swami and Bani J as both of them voluntarily opted out of the Maalgadi task to contest for the position of captain. During the task, both of them have to build their own pyramids, while the housemates can take sides and destroy anybody’s pyramid.

As expected, all the housemates gang up against Om Swami and break his pyramid. Naturally, he is furious and as vengeance, he collects his pee in a bowl and throws it on Bani and Rohan. Yes, you read that right!

Post this incident, the entire house appeals Bigg Boss to take a strict action against him. Now, according to a few reports, he has been kicked out of the house. Bigg Boss 10 fans, who are constantly watching the live feed of the house also tweeted the same.

Check it out!

Good sense has finally prevailed!

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