Bigg Boss 10 Recap: Bani's Attitude Towards Salman Khan Did Not Go Down Well With The Housemates

Sukriti Gumber , 07 Jan 2017
Bani J (Source: Twitter)

Om Swami was finally thrown out of the house. Cheers to that! Housemates rejoice, but Bani was still sulking. Salman Khan decided to come early this weekend and expressed his extreme disappointment over Swami’s shameless act.

Salman asks Bani about her stubborn behaviour, and also told her she could have become the captain had she not removed her mic and not broken the rules. In her defence, Bani says she was upset and “needed a sense of calm and perspective”, which she could not have got from anybody in the house.

Other housemates are not too pleased with Bani’s attitude and way of talking with Salman and later, Manveer even tries to drill some sense into her. He tells her Om Swami has been chucked out of the house, and that is an achievement for her. If she continues sulking, it’s Om swami’s win, he told her. Salman also motivates everybody to stay strong and not be upset because of someone like Om Swami.

On the other hand, Manu is upset with Manveer for consoling Bani. He discusses with Nitibha and Mona that his behaviour has changed and this is just the beginning of how the remaining three weeks are going to be.

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