Deepika Padukone's Mother Reacts To The Tragic Bangalore Molestation Incident

Swagata Dam , 07 Jan 2017
Deepika Padukone with her mom
Deepika Padukone with her mom | Source: Twitter |

The country was in for a rude shock when everyone woke up to the news of a girl being molested in Bangalore on New Year’s eve. The tragic incident has caused a lot of uproar in the nation. Several celebrities like Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan have come forward to speak about the issue. Recently, when actress Deepika Padukone‘s mom Ujjala Padukone was asked about the mishap, she said:

It is quite upsetting because such things can happen to anyone in any part of the country. It makes you wonder what kind of people you are creating.

During her conversation with, Mrs. Padukone also added:

As a mother, I’m paranoid of my daughters driving or stepping out alone in vulnerable areas. It is so contradictory when in their respective careers, my husband and I keep telling them to reach out to the skies.

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