EXCLUSIVE: Priya Malik Lashes Out At Those Comparing Her To Swami Om On Bigg Boss 10

Divya Rao , 07 Jan 2017
Priya Malik

By now we all know of Om Swami‘s horrid act of throwing his pee on Bani and Rohan, which  got him ousted by the makers of the show and Salman Khan. Post his eviction, Twitter has gone into a frenzy and people have been comparing Swamiji’s incident with that of Priya Malik’s in Bigg Boss season 9.

Twitter: Priya Malik

As part of an immunity task, the contestants are required to sit in a car and the last person to stay in wins immunity for two weeks. Malik peed into a sipper hoping to be able to stay in for longer, while Kishwer Merchant took the bottle and poured the urine on Malik’s seat. This irked Malik and she sprinkled her urine from the sipper on Kishwer’s face, much to her disgust.  After this incident has been compared with Om Swami’s, Priya Malik spoke exclusively to us and lashed out at those comparing her to the man.

There’s a huge difference in situation…it was actually Kishwer (on Prince’s behest) who had first thought of using the pee as a weapon by collecting it in a mug and putting it on my seat, after I had been in a car for over 30 hours with no food or water and had garbage thrown on my face while Prince just sat there waiting for his troop to act on his behalf. It was a retaliation because I was shocked that she had event thought of using my own pee on my seat thinking it would make me get up. I had to give it back. I had told them that whatever they put on me,  I’ll throw back on them…started with eggs, shaving gel and then pee.

Talking about how both scenarios were different, she exclusively added,

Was Swami Om tortured by having garbage, eggs and shaving gel on his face after he sat in a car for over 30 hours? Had he warned them that whatever they throw in him/at him he will throw back because he didn’t have a troop of people supporting him outside the damned car? Did he retaliate with the eggs thrown at him, the garbage and the shaving gel and hence same with the pee? Did another contestant take his pee and pour it where he was seated just to get him to quit the task? Was he utterly shocked that someone had even thought of using his pee against him and hence retaliated with the same weapon that he was attacked with? If your answer to either of these questions is No then shut the fuck up with the comparisons. The makers of the show and Salman are not stupid. They knew that the situations were different and hence the outcomes are different too.

Malik also understands she could’ve handled this better.

I’m not saying that my action was justified. I could’ve dealt with the situation better which is why I apologised to Kish but this is like comparing apples with oranges.

What do you guys think? Is there any similarity or no? Let us know in the comments below.

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