Bigg Boss 10: Bani & Nitibha Are The New BFFs In The House

Sukriti Gumber , 09 Jan 2017
Bani J, Nitibha Kaul

The relationship graph in the Bigg Boss house is forever changing, and the change is even more rapid now with hardly 3 weeks left for the show to end. Keeping up with the pattern of change, Nitibha and Bani seem to be the new BFFs in the house as they have grown quite close to each other in the past few days.

This was bound to happen, as Bani was left alone after Gaurav‘s exit and Nitibha’s friendship with Manveer also developed cracks and eventually fell apart. The housemates believe that Nitibha is trying to emulate Bani in every aspect- be it her way of talking, dressing or the way she approaches things. They have been hanging out together a lot lately.

Manveer, Manu and Mona

This has definitely not escaped the notice of M3 gang. Manu also said that Nitibha is not only dressed like Bani, but is also influenced by her in many ways. Recently, when Manveer and Nitibha got into an argument after the latter broke an important rule of speaking in Hindi, it was Bani who added fuel to the the fire and put words in Nitibha’s mouth, thereby taking her side.

Well, let’s see how far this team goes before another storm wrecks havoc.

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