Salman Khan Apparently Fooled Om Swami By Sending Chicken In The Name Of "Baingan"

Sukriti Gumber , 09 Jan 2017
Om Swami

I am almost immune to whatever scandalous statements Om Swami makes nowadays, partly because he has no better job and partly because they don’t make sense. After calling Salman Khan an ISI agent, then saying that he slapped the host in the privacy of the smoking room, threatening to sabotage the finale, saying that throwing piss at Bani and Rohan was no big deal as it was just piss, not poison, and other such rubbish just to gain footage- I am just glad he is no longer a part of the show.

Unfortunately, Om Swami is the undeserving citizen of the right to freedom of speech. Recently, when a Hindi news channel asked him the reason he ate non-veg despite his “swami” status, he said *gasp* that it was because of Salman, who fooled him by sending chicken in the name of “baingan”. And why would Salman do that? Om Swami said:

Salman is against Hindutva. He wants to degrade the Hindu culture in front of the entire world. He has joined hands with underworld dons like Hafiz Saeed to succeed in his mission.

I am amazed. Further, he revealed why he could not win the show, despite being an obvious choice (duh!). He reportedly said:

The makers of the show kidnapped me and took away my licensed revolver. If they would have allowed me to take it inside the home, nobody could have stopped me from being the winner.

Not sure anymore if I want to laugh or cry!

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