"You Can't Paint A Picture Which Is Incorrect" - Shraddha Kapoor On Her Relationship With Farhan Akhtar

Divya Rao , 09 Jan 2017
Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor

Over the last couple of weeks, Shraddha Kapoor has been more in the news for her relationships status with Farhan Akhtar than her films. There were reports doing the rounds that the actress had moved in with Akhtar and her father Shakti Kapoor had to intervene and bring her back home. While the actress came out and rubbished these rumours, she’s still rather irked with this story.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, she said:

I think this time it went overboard. Publishing a story as fact is wrong. Especially when it involves my family. This gossip tabloid journalism has to stop. In fact, I wanted to take action against the person but then I didn’t. But you can’t paint a picture which is incorrect.

Well, that’s cleared the air once and for all.

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