Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka Jagga Reacts To Not Being Invited For The Grand Finale

Sukriti Gumber , 10 Jan 2017
Priyanka Jagga

The current season of Bigg Boss made news for a lot more than the regular controversies and arguments. The primary credit for that goes to commoners, Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga – out of whom, the former was thrown out for his shameless act, and the latter was kicked out by Salman Khan himself.

While Om Swami’s antics post his exit have been never ending, and he seems to have a horrible case of verbal diarrhoea, Priyanka has been fairly silent as compared to him. Nonetheless, both have been barred from attending the grand finale. Unlike Swami, who has threatened to sabotage the finale unless he is invited, Jagga seems to be unaffected. When BL contacted her to ask her thoughts on not being invited, she said:

Main toh in sab cheezon mein nahi hoon. Mere ghar mein bachhe hai, pati hai, unse mujhe poochna hoga . Mujhe khud ko jaana nahi hain . Mai nahi jaa paugi kyunki us din meri mom ka birthday hai.


I am not involved in all of this anymore. I have my children and husband and I will have to ask them. Personally, I don’t want to go and I won’t be able to make it because it’s my mother’s birthday on the same date.

Grapes our sour, Priyanka?

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