Bigg Boss 10 Recap: Manveer Gurjar Becomes The First Contestant To Reach The Finale Week

Bigg Boss 10 Recap: Manveer Gurjar Becomes The First Contestant To Reach The Finale Week

Sukriti Gumber

Tonight was all about Manu and Manveer and their adventures in the mall. After successfully executing their strategy of pushing Bani out of the orbit, and eventually the race for the ticket to finale, they are chosen to go to the nearest mall and seek public votes.

Manu and Manveer are over the moon as they jump in excitement and celebrate their achievement. Whereas Bani is furious and cries foul about it. She rues over her defeat as she is anyway accused of not completing tasks and also lost captaincy due to Swami Om‘s act last week.

The boys finally reach the mall and are greeted by a huge crowd, who go berserk seeing their favourite housemates. Autographs, selfies, female attention, no doubt the Indiawale boys were ecstatic to receive such a warm response.

Have a look!

The boys were unable to contain their excitement as they interacted with fans and asked for votes. Manveer even took off his shirt on public demand. And did some bhangra too!


The crowd went crazy, and so did Manu and Manveer. After a point, the two had to be shifted to a safe place as the crowd went out of control.

Meanwhile, back in the Bigg Boss house, away from all the maddening stardom, the other housemates were napping as they had nothing better to do. Uh-oh! As punishment, Bigg Boss sent them bowls of pulses mixed with rice, which the housemates had to separate. #SuchIsLife

Manu and Manveer return to the house and share their experience of interacting with the fans. Soon after, Bigg Boss asked them to count their votes and announce the winner. Manveer got a majority of the votes and was obviously overjoyed.

He was also appointed as the next captain of the house and it seemed like Manu was upset about Manveer again becoming the captain. Like I said before, with 3 weeks left for the grand finale, the closest relationships also may go for a toss!