Bigg Boss 10: Will Bani Exit The House As A Punishment For Getting Physical With Lopa?

Sukriti Gumber , 13 Jan 2017
Source: Twitter

As per the norms, violence is prohibited and a punishable offence in the Bigg Boss house. Over the seasons, quite a few contestants had to exit the house on Bigg Boss’ orders if they resorted to violent methods during the show.

One of the most popular contestants this season, Bani, unfortunately lost her cool on the show and physically attacked her sworn enemy on the show, Lopa. During the second round of the BB Call Centre task, Bani was the call centre executive who had to listen the troubles of her dissatisfied customer, Lopa. In order to win the task, the latter tried her best to irritate Bani to the extent that she disconnects the call.

According to reports, Bani said that Lopa was still dependent on her father for her pocket money, and as a revenge, Lopa said that Bani used her mother as a weapon to gain sympathy. All hell broke loose and in all her fury, Bani banged the phone on the table several times and moved forward to attack Lopa. The fight got so intense that Bani choked Lopa’s waist with her hands while other housemates tried to stop her.

This is probably the first time in the history of Bigg Boss that two women got into a brawl. As of now, Bigg Boss has not taken any action against the girls and reports suggest that the makers are waiting for Salman Khan to take his call on the Weekend Ka War episode.

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