Deepika Padukone Just Rocked The Ultimate Beauty Trend For This Year

Natasha Patel , 13 Jan 2017

By now you know that Deepika Padukone looked hella bomb last night at the xXx premier! You also knew her beauty looks we shared with you from the night. But what you don’t know and need to is that this diva right here has got her beauty A-gam down to the T. Meaning… with her liquid metallic eyes she’s slaying the beauty scene and of course, Daniel Bauer was there every step of the way.

Here’s what Daniel has to say:

Liquid Metallic will be making a big beauty statement this coming season, as with everything Deepika does, she is ahead of the curve.

Deepika’s metallic eyes, a silky satin complexion, a hint of blusher with a rose tinted lip shade definitely stood out for us. And the main highlight? The eyes, of course…

Here’s a step by step on how he did it:

  1. He blended together a mother of pearl, antique gold and silver pigment to achieve a metallic nickel texture.
  2. He lined the upper waterline with a gloss precision eyeliner, and then then applied a brown kajal and smudged and extended ever so slightly.
  3. Then he applied his nickel pigment (with the fingers for the less then perfect rustic feel) on the eyelids, and edged it into the eye brow bone.
  4. He also applied a little to the lower lash line, blending outwards.
  5. To make these eyes shine even brighter, he opted for some help with some single eyelashes.

Daniel says:

Single lashes are your best bet for bigger eyes with impact. And lots and lots and lots of mascara!

Oh we do love our mascara, Daniel.

As well as DP’s look. Right, ladies?

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