There were a whole tonne of standout fashion moments at this year’s Golden Globe Awards but one thing we haven’t yet turned your attention to is the glistening and glitzy accessories that featured on the red carpet. Earrings, necklaces and rings were the focal points of so many of our favourite outfits and here’s ten that deserve to be looked at one more time:

1. Tracee Ellis Ross

Leading lady of the TV comedy Black-ish, Tracee Ellis Ross, flaunted a total of 12 rings from the current collections by Noudar, L’Dezen by Payal Shah, and Hueb while collecting her award that night. That’s at least one ring on every finger and what it did was not only highlight her effortless style and gorgeous dress by Zuhair Murad but also made us want to collect enough matching rings to mimic her look.

2. Reese Witherspoon

Ms. Southern Belle of the Ball, Reese looks stunning and classic in canary yellow diamond pieces – ring, necklace and earrings – by Tiffany & Co. It’s as shiney as her (legally) blonde hair and we’re giving this a total score of 100%.

3. Michelle Williams

Simple and pretty are the keywords when it comes to Michelle Williams‘ accessory game for the evening. And we’re totally loving it! It’s a easy DIY look that every 90’s girl can identify with and one that every hipster and millenial of the 21st century can copy.

4. Janelle Monae

In an evening full of, straight up, fabulous up-dos, Janelle’s stood out because of her quirky accessory game. This corset inspired black ribbon look, by hairstylist Nikki Nelms along with that lovely hair-clip and sprinkles of micro pearls and diamonds all over the do, take this look, not just one, but two full levels up!

5. Thandi Newton

Thandie Newton showed off her fit shoulders in a white dress by Monse and accentuated her natural neckline by draping this long chain of jewels by Harry Winston over her her back. Her matching earrings are really pretty too and she carries this off with so much grace.

6. Blake Lively

Our eternal Gossip Girl, once again proves why she’s a constant on every list of top looks and style influencers under the sun. Blake’s magnificent Versace gown had these fun pockets on the waist which caught our eyes because she double accessorised with a pair of chunky gold and emerald bracelets by Lorraine Schwartz. So much xoxo for this one!

7. Emma Stone

This Leading Actress Award winner of the night was one bright sparkling star in a naked-ish dress by Valentino. She wore a brilliant pair of diamond studs and a diamond neckpiece by Tiffany & Co that echoed the sparkles in her dress and in her makeup… We loved it!

8. Pharrell Williams

The hit-maker and style icon wore a white tux by Chanel and accessorised it with a statement brooch and layers of bling over just one of his cool shoulders. Don’t miss his high fashion Chanel beanie too! This is a look only Pharrell can pull off right. Hollaaahhhh if you feel us….

9. Naomi Harris

This British star is having such a wonderful time playing around with various styles at all the big-time Hollywood events this season. She’s got a natural sense of elegance and this look, with the old-fashioned glamourous side swept hair, looks modern because of just one stunning addition – that diamond cuff-like earring by Tiffany & Co. Just makes us want to keep looking at her pretty face!

10. Sofia Vergara

Hot-mama, Sofia Vergara showed off her uhh-mazing figure in a naked, embellished dress by Zuhair Murad which she accessorised with a handful of rings and a pair of dangling nuded diamond earrings, by Lorraine Schwartz. Alls we can say is… Muy caliente mamasita!

We’ve purposely stayed away from featuring all the BEAUTIFUL clutches and bags we saw that night, so that we can give it a feature all to itself. For us, Pharrell stands just a hair ahead of all the ladies, mainly because, he’s quite simply, made it to this list. He, time and again, proves that boys can have the most fun playing with fashion and accessories. We will always be his biggest fan for that reason and a couple of other reasons (read: his music) and we’re always keeping a keen eye on his style.

Tell us who you think should win this Golden Globes themed round of #AccessoryGames in your comments below.