Priyanka Chopra Vows Not To JUST Wash Her Hair Ever Again!

Sanaa Shah , 13 Jan 2017

We all know how that Priyanka Chopra has a thick black mane we all would die for. And I’m sure maintaining those tresses could be a real task. Constant heat from straightening and blow-drying, along with other chemicals can damage that the quality of her hair. But hey! it’s a part of the job, amirite?

Say hello to Pantene’s new launch! With it’s improved Pro-V formula and goodness of oils, it claims to be MORE than just a shampoo. PC has even openly declared getting thicker, stronger hair in just 14 Days with it! But the real question is— why is she not going to JUST wash her again?

We love Piggy Chops and can’t wait to find out why! So stay tuned…

This post is in partnership with Pantene

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