Bigg Boss 10: This Is Why Salman Khan Is Pissed Off With Manu Punjabi

Divya Rao , 16 Jan 2017
Manveer Gujjar and Manu Punjabi

This season of Bigg Boss has been infamous for its fights and never-completed-tasks. The one person who always tries to get contestants to maintain decorum in the house whilst giving them a glimpse of how they’re being perceived is Salman Khan. He always manages to maintain his cool – even when he had to deal with Om Swami… But this time, Manu Punjabi’s actions managed to piss him off.

Salman was trying to resolve the fight between Lopa and Bani… and was trying to make them understand that both of them were at fault, but Manu kept butting in and calling Bani a backbiter. This constant interference irked Salman so much that he lashed out at him saying Manu is the only backbiter in the house and epitomises that.


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