Remember Anvesha Banerjee From Remix? This Is What She's Up To Now!

Shreemi Verma , 18 Jan 2017
anvesha from remix

Anvesha Banerjee Ray from the cult show Remix has always been one of the most popular female characters in Indian television. Ashi (as she was fondly called in the show) was an inspiration to many girls, including me, who could never relate to the ‘Tia Ahujas’ of the world.

The actress who played her, Priya Wal, then tried her hand in the regular television soaps after Remix ended, but her current work seems far more exciting. Priya now has a YouTube channel where she puts up short videos of the ‘misadventures of a television actor’. Have a look!

Funny isn’t it? You can watch more videos on her channel.

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