Shah Rukh Khan Breaks His Silence On The Raees-Kaabil Clash

Divya Rao , 18 Jan 2017
Shah Rukh Khan

A lot has been said about the Raees-Kaabil clash. Accusations have been hurled, producers have tried to talk it out, alternate dates were apparently looked for but all to no avail. While Hrithik Roshan recently spoke about the clash and said it will affect the box office business for both films, Shah Rukh Khan, who was previously mum on the topic, has finally come out in the open to talk about it.

In an interview with DNA, here’s what he said about the business being affected.

For individual films yes! But as far as the business of that period is concerned, it will be the same business, I heard someone discussing that. For example, if the business was going to be 300 crores or 200 crores for both the films, assuming that both the films are very good, that same money will come to the industry from both the films. It will be shared differently by the two film producers who are coming together now. Had it come out individually, one would have taken the entire 200 crores. Now, depending on how the business goes it will differ. But the total cumulative will be the same. I don’t think it’s bad for the industry at all. It’s rather nice for the viewers, they have choices.

He also said he really tried to change the date.

There’s no other date, yaar! I have tried my best to shift it around. We were initially supposed to come on Eid in June, then I tried to get it in September-October but Ae Dil and Shivaay were coming. Then I tried to come on December 9, but Befikre was coming. In between, I had Dear Zindagi too. So unfortunately because of the delay and my injury, it is what it is now. Otherwise, even if we had come on Eid, it would have still clashed with Sultan. There were 200 films and just 52 weeks, so then some will have to come together.

He makes a fair point though, doesn’t he? Your thoughts?

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