Priyanka Chopra Opens Up On Her Alleged Link-Up With Tom Hiddleston

Divya Rao , 23 Jan 2017
Priyanka Chopra and Tom Hiddleston
Source: Twitter @hiddlestoncom

Priyanka Chopra was an absolute firecracker on Koffee With Karan last night. While the promos seemed to get us all excited, the full episode was quite something! Not too long ago did PC present at the Emmy‘s with Hollywood star Tom Hiddleston. He twirled PC on stage and she couldn’t stop smiling. Since then, rumours have been rife that there’s something brewing between the two.

Karan asked PC about the difference between the Indian media and the US media, and also egged her on about Hiddleston. This is what she said.

 Their tabloid culture is more scary. I meet someone for 10 minutes and it becomes the world news. It was at the Emmys that I was presenting with Tom Hiddleston. I met him for 10 minutes.

There you have it! Can’t deny they look smokin’ hot together though.

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