Bigg Boss 10: Lopa Loses Out To Bani In The Task To Make A Dessert

Sukriti Gumber , 24 Jan 2017
Bigg Boss 10

On the occasion of completing 100 days inside the house, the housemates will get a treat from Bigg Boss. As part of the BB Dhaba task, the contestants are informed that in order to have some delicious food, they will first have to cook some food. Based on their performance in the task, they will get the treat.

The housemates are divided into 2 teams, Bani – Manu and LopaRohan, and both the teams cook some pretty impressive dishes. For the third round, they are asked to cook a sweet dish. When Lopa and Bani go to the store room to pick up ingredients, they find only one packet of sugar, which Bani takes. Lopa has no other option but to pick up chocolate sauce and syrup to make up for the lack of sugar. She decides to cook chocolate sauce halwa but fails miserably as the proportions of the ingredients go wrong. Not just that, when Lopa gives the halwa to Manveer to taste, he makes a weird face and calls it zeher (poison). Lopa is extremely disappointed with Manveer and feels quite embarrassed too.

Erm… wonder if Lopa will take this defeat in her stride considering she lost out to her arch rival, Bani.

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