Bigg Boss 10: Here's How Gaurav Chopra Reacted When Asked About The GaurBani Fever

Divya Rao , 27 Jan 2017
Gaurav Chopra, Bani J (Source: Twitter)

Gaurav Chopra and Bani J shared one of the cutest friendships in the Bigg Boss house. The two often fought like a married couple – as Salman Khan put it, but they’d also be quick to patch up. They soon became a favourite with the audience and #GaurBani started trending. So much, that there are pages for the two.

In a recent Twitter chat with his fans, Chopra was asked about how he felt when he found out about the frenzy. Here’s what he said.

Even we’re smiling! He also asked his fans to vote for Bani.

How sweet! Can’t wait to see these two reunite after Bigg Boss!

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