Alia Bhatt Reveals Her Favourite Sex Position

Sukriti Gumber , 28 Jan 2017
Source: Vogue | Photograph by Greg Swales

Alia Bhatt was recently on the cover of Vogue for their February 2017 issue. She obviously made for a stunning cover girl, but what really charmed us was her casual wit and demeanour in the her interview with the same magazine.

Alia was asked a string of questions, all of which she answered with her statement ease. When asked her favourite sex position, according to Mid-day, she replied saying, “The classic missionary”, as she is a simple person.

Further, when Vogue quizzed her about the first thing she will check if her boyfriend leaves his phone unlocked, she said:

I know the password to my boyfriend’s phone.

She was also asked what she’ll do if she met US president, Donald Trump and yet again she had a tongue-in-cheek response:

I’d build a wall so I don’t have to talk to him.

Gotcha! There is a reason why this girl is a favourite with millions.

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