8 Crazy Fights We Witnessed On Bigg Boss 10

Swagata Dam , 29 Jan 2017

I couldn’t hold back my tears when Bigg Boss gave Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar, Bani J and Lopamudra Raut a beautiful flashback of their journey on the show. Celebrities vs Commoners – this has been one hell of a season. While you guys await tonight’s grand finale with bated breath, here’s a lowdown on all the fights that shook the BB house this year.

Lopa Mudra & Bani J‘s Fight For Immunity

Bani J and Lopamudra's nasty fight for immunity
Bani J and Lopamudra’s nasty fight for immunity

The animosity between both of these gorgeous and strong-headed women came into everyone’s notice within a few days into the season. While no one really remembers what exactly caused this hatred for each other amongst them, we all can never forget the violent fight for immunity between these two.

Navin Prakash Pisses Lokesh Kumari Off

Navin and Lokesh get into a scuffle
Navin and Lokesh get into a scuffle

Not just the celebrity contestants, even the commoners got rather fierce during the tasks. Remember the time when Navin destroyed Lokesh’s blocks during the captaincy task and the scuffle between them that followed?

Swami Om Throws His Pee On Bani & Rohan Mehra

Swami Om throws pee on Bani J and Rohan Mehra
Swami Om throws pee on Bani J and Rohan Mehra

Two of the biggest celebs of Indian television – Bani and Rohan were in for a nasty shock when Om ji threw his urine on them during a task. Hell broke loose after that and both the celebs couldn’t stop hurling abuses at Om.

Swami Om Insensitive Comment About Bani’s Mom

Swami Om makes Bani J furious
Swami Om makes Bani J furious

Prior to this, Om had managed to rub Bani the wrong way by saying that her mother would die. Naturally, she wasn’t able to control her anger after that and there was a heated exchange between the two.

Priyanka Jagga’s Badmouths Lopamudra

Lopamudra and Priyanka Jagga's nasty fight
Lopamudra and Priyanka Jagga’s nasty fight

Lopa exploded with anger and tears when Priyanka Jagga used filthy words to describe her character. Not to mention, this wasn’t the only time Jagga showed her extremely evil side. She was later kicked out of the house by its host Salman Khan.

Bani J & Gaurav Chopra’s Cute Arguments

Bani J and Gaurav
Bani J and Gaurav

The two had a Tom & Jerry equation and we all loved it. They had numerous little fights about food and other things. But during a task, when Gaurav didn’t nominate Monalisa as per decided where as Bani followed his game plan and nominated Nitibha, it didn’t go down too well with the popular VJ. Later, Gaurav wrote, ‘I am sorry’ on a paper and stuck on the back of his jacket. Aww. What’s more, when G got evicted, B kept one of his sweatshirts and a muffler. She wore them a couple of times after his exit.

Rohan & Manveer Gurjar’s Ugly War Of Words

Rohan and Manveer's get into a fight
Rohan and Manveer’s get into a fight

The two made no efforts to even pretend to like each other ever. Things got sourer between them when Rohan refused to dress up like a lady to save Manveer from getting nominated. Later, the two had an ugly fight during a task when Manveer called Rohan ‘chakka’ and the later took off his mic in protest.

Bani J & Lopamudra Get Physical During The Call Center Task

Bani and Lopa's fight during the call center task
Bani and Lopa’s fight during the call center task

Due to some miscommunication and a lot of frustration that both the girls were already dealing with, Lopa and Bani ended up having a really nasty fight during the Call Center task.

Rohan and Swami Om’s violent fight, Manu’s argument with Mona’s husband Vikrant during his first visit in the house and Priyanka Jagga nasty remarks about Manu’s mother’s demise – these are also some bitter moments that had added to the chaos in the house.

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