Bigg Boss 10: Here's What Manu Punjabi Said Moments After Exiting The House

Sukriti Gumber , 29 Jan 2017
Manu Punjabi

Manu Punjabi quit Bigg Boss 10 right before the grand finale as he chose to accept 10 Lakhs and was out of the final race for the top spot. Moments after his exit, Manu shared his experience in the house and dealing with a particularly *ahem* close pal of his.

He said:

You only see 45 mins of the episode, but I’ll tell you clearly, Swami Om doesn’t know how to do anything. They left a mad man in the house, we were just being nice and trying to help him to get through the weeks. I’m proud I was called whatever I was (back biter, for example) . We’re human, we’ll talk, we’ll bitch… it all happens on the show.


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