Bigg Boss 10: 5 Things Manveer Gurjar Told Us Moments After Leaving The House

Rashmi Daryanani , 30 Jan 2017
Manveer Gurjar
Manveer Gurjar

After over a 100 days in the Bigg Boss house, Manveer Gurjar – one of the “indiawale” non-celebrity contestants – emerged the winner. He went home with the trophy, prize money of 40 lakhs, and the votes and love of many Indians. We spoke to him just after he exited the house, and here are some things he had to say:

On why he thinks he won…

I wasn’t thinking and doing anything – that’s why I became everyone’s favourite. I hadn’t pre planned everything. It was all natural.

On hard work…

I’ve worked very hard every day to make sure that each day is interesting and have given it my all. It was really hard at times but knowing that I’m getting all the love and votes made me feel amazing.

On what he’s going to miss…

I’m really going to miss Bigg Boss’s voice and him asking me to come to the concession room.. I’ll miss living in one room with everyone – even when we didn’t know each other. ow we got to know each other – it really was quite something.

On being nervous…

I was a little nervous during the final announcement. There was Bani on one side, me on the other, and Salman in the middle… if Bani would’ve won I would’ve thought ‘no problem, she has a bigger fan following’, but it now looks like my supporters have really showered me with all the love!

On his future plans…

Future plans? I’ll see where things go. I want to pursue acting and give it a shot.. I want to some day act alongside Diljit Dosanjh!

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