Here's A Crazy Update On Bigg Boss Season 11

Sukriti Gumber , 30 Jan 2017
Bigg Boss 10

Although Bigg Boss has been a popular show throughout the years, season 10 turned the tables by bringing in an equal number of commoners along with the celebrities in the house. It would be safe to say that the season will be remembered more for its Indiawale, who overshadowed the celeb power to an extent that one of them, Manveer Gurjar went on to win the show.

Initially, many were hesitant about the show losing it’s value with no celeb power to attract attention, but barring a couple of troublemakers in the house, the concept worked pretty well for the show.

Speaking to Indian Express about a possible Bigg Boss 11, Colors CEO, Raj Nayak hinted at having only commoners on board. He said:

People told me getting commoners would be a flop idea. In fact, I have been trying to do this format for three years but faced resistance from the team. Finally, they also gave in but they wanted that it should have equal number of celebrities and commoners. So, I compromised. But commoners turned out to be very good for us. This was a way of reinventing. So, (I think) next year, should we go with all commoners? I don’t know but that’s how we reinvent.

Whoa! That would be interesting. What do you guys think?

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