A Woman Leaked Her Ex's Dirty Messages And Voice Notes After He Left Her No Choice

Divya Rao , 31 Jan 2017
Credit: AkkarBakkar.com

The world can be a ridiculously sick place. We recently came across this story on AkkarBakkar where a brave girl has come out in the open to shun her ex-boyfriend who won’t stop harassing her. The boyfriend had some photos of the girl, which he threatened to put up online on social networking sites because she broke up with him. When she questioned him, he said there’s only one way out for her to ‘save’ herself and her family, and that would be for her to have a naked video chat with him and send him some more pictures. (What a ridiculous person).

Anyway, this girl came out in the open and shared her story along with snapshots of their conversation and disgusting voice notes that sent her.

I hope this letter finds you in the pink of health because after this, I don’t know if there will ever be any health again for you. So, as a considerate ex girlfriend, I’m keeping your identity a secret (well almost) and I would like to start with saying sorry because I can’t let this opportunity go a waste.

Referring to his voice notes:

First, try talking without slurring. Second, men like you should be mutilated but what can I say, it’s a fairly fair world. But that shouldn’t and won’t stop me from giving you all the fame you deserve. Someone needs to hold your leash before you go astray and rape an innocent female tomorrow. Thank me later! If anything, I’m saving you from becoming a rapist.

When she honestly spoke about how she felt:

I’ve been scared and quiet for sometime now. I shivered as well when I got all your messages and voice notes that night. It did feel like it’s the end of my life. It was scary, all kinds of thoughts crossed my head but the more you pushed me to give you what you wanted, it pushed me a bit harder to be a rebel. With every drunken word you uttered, I found my blood boil faster. To be honest, it scared me. Your voice, the way you said things, the way you kept saying yes or no, all of it scared me. I kept quiet, stupidly, almost cowardly. It’s always a reflex with us girls, you know. When a man does something he’s not supposed to, our reflex shuts us up for a moment. Unfortunately, by the time we come back to our senses to react, it’s too late. But no sir, it’s not too late for you and me. We’re just getting started.

That day you woke up all kinds of angry Indian goddesses in me and I’m glad. So, thank you. Truth is we need men like you to be stripped naked in front of the world to teach our sons and daughters well in the future. And I will do exactly that today.

You want revenge because I put you down since you have a girlfriend and I’m not into you anymore. Your threat, clearly, shows why you deserve to be “shown down” by every woman who comes your way EVER.

You can read the whole article here. Good on her! It’s about time men understood that no means NO. Nothing else.

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