"Nothing Hurts Me" - Shah Rukh Khan Responds To Rakesh Roshan's Allegations

Divya Rao , 31 Jan 2017
Raees vs Kaabil

The Raees Vs Kaabil clash will probably go down in history as one of the biggest clashes Bollywood has seen. Both teams went all out to promote the film in unique ways and from the looks of it, it has paid off. Despite the films doing well, Rakesh Roshan has come out and cried foul. He has accused Team Raees and the distributors of breaking their promise. Reportedly, the screens were meant to be divided equally between the two but eventually 60% of the screens were given to Shah Rukh Khan, while Hrithik‘s Kaabil got the remaining 40%. This upset senior Roshan and he didn’t hesitate to call out distributors!

SRK has finally spoken on the matter with DNA and here’s what he said.

No, nothing hurts me. I know what I do, I know what feelings I have. And the main feeling that I have is I do things above board and honestly. I don’t need to say it to anyone or prove it, specially on a public platform. I don’t need to be justifying anything. I have been here long enough. I respect everybody and more than that, I respect my honesty and my earnestness in the way I do business so I am not going to react to XYZ or anyone saying anything about me. You can say, ask, complain or talk.

He still loves Hrithik and wishes the team well.

Personally, I have huge amount of respect for Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik. I love them and I wish them the best. I think their film is doing good enough, they should be happy.

It’s about time they buried the hatchet, don’t you think?

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