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Divya Rao , 31 Jan 2017
UC News

The pen is mightier than the sword they say, and rightly so (the keyboard in this case). Blogging is a liberating process – whether you write about yourself, food, music, fashion, TV, politics, sports – anything. It lets you voice your opinion and connect with like minded readers, while you learn new things and share what you already know about your area of interest.

We asked five of our bloggers here at MissMalini to tell us why they blog and what they really like about it.

Natasha Patel, Beauty Blogger

I’m a blogger because I love to write. To give my readers and audience something cool and new everyday. And since I’m a beauty blogger and an ardent beauty fan, everything and anything hair, makeup and skin related brings me utmost joythe same kind of joy I would love my readers to have each time they click on my posts. Sharing is caring :)

Rashmi Daryanani, Bollywood Blogger

My favourite thing is the freedom of tone. Because it’s different from traditional media, I have leeway to write more informally at times (when appropriate) and I think that helps bring out a more distinct, unique voice. It also means I get to explore different kinds of content (not too many topics are “out of bounds”) and different mediums (video, radio, etc).

Hrishitaa Sharma, Fashion Blogger

Blogging is an opportunity to share your creativity with the world. Being a creative individual with over 5 years of experience in this industry, I love curating fashion looks and quirky content that gets me compliments like “we love following you on social media.” Keeping someone entertained and informed about the latest trends is a big deal and not everyone can garner legit following without rising above the clutter of all the blogs we have on the world wide web. I love being a trend setter in the most organic way and connect with my followers on a personal level!

Sukriti Gumber, Bollywood Blogger

I think the best part about being a blogger is your voice being heard. You can reach out to thousands of people out there and build a strong network with your readers and followers. Besides, I love to write and thanks to my job, I can happily say “Do what you love, love what you do.”

Swagata Dam, Bollywood Blogger

I am a blogger because I’ve always loved the internet and have always enjoyed jotting down my thoughts on films, love and travel. Now, I write about these things on the internet and also get paid for it! What else can I ask for? I am a people person. So I never write for myself, I write for others. And there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that I’m being read and appreciated. Whenever a reader reaches out to me to compliment me about any piece written by me, it makes me really happy.

There, you’ve heard it from our bloggers. If this is something that you’re passionate about , UC News is running this uber cool contest blogging contest where you can win up to 10 lac rupees and become the star blogger that you’ve dreamt of being! All you have to do is write blogs individually or in teams and share it with the UC News community. The more blogs you write, the better, as you’ll have more views.

Fun Fact: Our boss lady MissMalini is going to be one of the judges!

What are you waiting for? Send in your entries asap! The winner will be announced on the 10th of Feb. You can register here.

This post is in partnership with UC News. 

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