Popular TV Actor Gets Robbed, Loses Lakhs

Swagata Dam , 01 Feb 2017
Namish Taneja
Namish Taneja | Source: Twitter |

TV celeb Namish Taneja was recently robbed and has filed a complaint now. It seems this unfortunate incident occurred when he actor was at his stall at an exhibition along with his sister. It seems one of the visitors took away a bag which had his money and other belongings worth 4 lakh rupees. According to Times Of India, he has lost a lot of cash, a mobile phone and gold jewellery. He told TOI:

My sister was there on the counter. As we had to give the rent for the stall, so we had withdrawn INR 50000 from the Bank. We had kept the money in the bag, which had some gold ornaments along with some earnings from the stall and a mobile phone. A group of four girls came in to buy some stuff. One of the girls stole the bag, which was kept on the counter, while my sister was busy with the other two. After a while, she discovered the theft and called me.

But thankfully, he’s got the CCTV footage which has captured one of the girls carrying the bag. Here’s hoping that the culprits will be caught by the Mumbai police soon.

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