Manveer Gurjar's Relatives Confirm He Is Married & Has A Daughter

Sukriti Gumber , 02 Feb 2017
Manveer Gurjar

Post his massive win in Bigg Boss 10, Manveer Gurjar‘s personal life has been under constant scrutiny. Things don’t seem to be looking so up for the desi boy, who is currently the talk of the town – first the reports of his alleged marriage, and then the use of abusive language followed by a public apology.

Whether Manveer is married or not is still a secret. His mother asserts her son is unmarried and his bhabi wants a homely girl (“unlike Nitibha“) for him, but then what is the video about? Also, one of Manveer’s relative reportedly told BT:

If he had revealed his marriage, would so many girls vote for him?

Further, another relative said:

He was married three years ago. He also has a one and a half year old daughter named Aashi. But he never hid the fact on the show.

But Manveer has consistently denied the reports and maintained his single status. Reportedly, he feels this is an attempt to malign his image. However, a particular video doing the rounds shows Manveer saying that it’s not necessary to reveal every tag, after a reporter asked him about his marriage and child.

Check out the video:

What do you think is the truth? Tell me in the comments below.

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