This TV Actress Was Arrested For Allegedly Mishandling A Cobra

Sukriti Gumber , 09 Feb 2017
Shruti Ulfat

Shruti Ulfat is a known face in Bollywood as well as TV industry, and is currently seen in Nagarjun Ek Yodha on Life Ok. For a particular scene in the show, the actress shot with a cobra, but things soon took a wrong turn when she posted a video with the cobra on Instagram.

According to BL, Shruti and 3 others from her production team have been arrested and booked for violating wildlife act 1972 -Sections 9, 39, 48a, 51.

Check out the videos that got Shruti in trouble:

Sunish Kunju of PAWS reportedly raised the issue with the forest department for forensic investigation and told BL that the production team kept misleading them by saying it was VFX and that they had not shot with a real snake.

Oh well! Can I just say, Shruti Ulfat is currently facing Locha-e-ulfat? No? Okay!

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