Check Out These Super Cool Trends Spotted On Day 2 At NYFW

Sanaa Shah
NYFW AW17 | Image Source:

We saw a whole lot of new trends on day 1 at NYFW Aw17. And day 2 undoubtedly had some more to contribute to that list. There’s absolutely no denying that New York Fashion Week has always been at the forefront of fashion. Exactly why we consider this a reliable source to get our facts on fashion spot on.

Here’s an addition of trends you need to make a note of:

1. Bell Bottoms

 2. Exaggerated Sleeves & Shoulders

3. Life Vest & Floating Device Inspired Fashion

Some ideas taken from the past, some inspired by cool stuff around. We love the abstract and cool elements day 2 brought. Stay tuned for day 3 at NYFW!

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