Lipstick has the power to elevate an entire look. Bring colour to your face. And even challenge you to go barefaced just so that you can prance around in the Ruby Woo of yours! You may or may not agree with us. But what we can tell you is that certain lip colours can sometimes say a lot about the woman within…

Scroll down to see what you are:


You’re sweet, but kind. And likes to keep things pretty and simple most of the time.


You love the ’80s and feel live life on the notion that a lipstick can elevate your mood completely.

Bright Pink

You love being in the spotlight, but you also like to keep it down to earth and easy.


You’re playful with a little dark and intense side. Being wild at heart is your motto.


You crave a little change. When the crowd goes left, you go a little to the right. This way you stand out no matter what!


With all things glamorous, you my friend are the expert. You like to keep to cool and casual, but young and flirty all at once!


Candy, florals and mute tones are your go-to colours most of the time when it comes to clothes… And yes, you are quite a peach on the inside as well.


Since you love spending your days at the beach with a mojito under an umbrella.


You’re trend-ista! What you see, is what you immediately get. There’s no harm in that… Who doesn’t love a go getter?!

Chocolate Brown

You’re not afraid to have all eyes on you… In fact you love it and ooze confidence with your ability start a trend.